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Clothing commission step by step
(Before reading this part please read "Rules" first!)


To place an order or a commission using this email address:

     In your message please describe what you’d like us to make and let us know
what kind of doll is the commission for.
We will let you know if the commission is possible, if yes, please fill out and send
the measurement chart that can be found below.
Please refer to step 2 and 3 for more detail.


In your message please answer those questions/ include:

  1. Your doll’s body is : company, type and size (preferably with a link to the site).
  2. Describe the outfit you want to commission and be sure to include pictures or sketches.
  3. The country you want the outfit to be shipped?
  4. Do you need any accessories or weapons? If yes, describe them.
(Please keep in mind that they might be impossible for us to make)
  5. Is the deadline tight? If you need the outfit in a short time please let us know!
  6. If possible, include photos/screenshots/arts of the outfit or its pieces.


After confirmation that the commission can be done
1. We will inform you about the shipping costs and methods available,
payment methods, time frame necessary to complete the commission
(usually 2 months until we start sewing, up to two and a half if no special circumstances)
2. Please fill out and send us the measurement chart:

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