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Welcome to our little magical workshop. Beyond Wonderland is a designer company by Studio Tami,
which specializes in creating and customizing BJD dollfie (and OOAK) clothes.
We can
create doll attire in every style - gothic, baroque, vampire, Alice in Wonderland inspired, circus,
cosplay, elegant, daily and so on. We are able to sew for almost every doll size, male or female.
We can make a costume basing on your drawing, picture, a photo, or a general idea
with sketches.
We can also
supplement your design basing on your wishes, style, colors.

      Everything from Beyond Wonderland is handmade and unique! Please take a moment to view the gallery,
which is a portfolio of our works.

Important rules:

1) We may decline a commission if we decide that it’s impossible for us to make for some reason
(for example lack of fabrics
, 3D printing necessary, EVA foam use necessary and so on).

2) There
are things we don’t make : gloves with fingers (we can make gloves that are fingerless only),
shoes, and very complicated/impossible to make without special machines
or techniques props (see point 3).

Weapons (like swords) may also be possible. Please contact us for more informations.

We do not use EVA foam, clay or 3D printing techniques.

4) There
is a commission queue, so that when you place a commission and make your payment,
you will be marked on the awaiting list. Payment is upfront for any commission below $300.
If you are not able to pay in one rate but are still positive about the will to commission us,
we can accept two rates for a costume (both payments need to be made at least 2 weeks before we start sewing though).

We will inform you how long you’d need to wait, but the time of waiting can change
due to various circumstances
(most of the times we’re done faster, but it can also take longer due to various factors).

5) Waiting time from the moment you place a commission until
we start working on it
usually takes around 2 months.

6) If you are interested in commissioning us after reading the Rules, please refer to the "Commission" section!:)

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